Head to Head, Inc.
Founding Engineer

Head to Head, Inc. is a startup that focuses on building mobile applications. My time here has found me building several websites and applications on both mobile and web. This includes Persona, a social game on iOS and Android that helps find the best qualities in everyone. Most recently, we have launched NextMeal, a web application that helps you effortlessly find food nearby using tasty pictures.

Languages: JavaScript (ES5, ES6), Objective-C, Java
Technologies: Android, iOS, React, Node.js


Vail Systems
Software Engineer

Vail Systems is a longer standing company that specializes in VoIP and Call Routing. My primary role evolved into full-stack web development with AngularJS and Ruby. I also found myself building VoiceXML applications, using Java to write WebSocket servers, and writing websites with Ruby on Rails.

Languages: JavaScript (ES5), Ruby, Java
Technologies: AngularJS, Grape, Ruby on Rails, Vert.x
Software Engineer

Avanade, a massive Microsoft consulting firm, hired me out of college and got me started on .NET development. WPF and WCF were my primary focuses, used to build thick and thin client desktop applications. In my 3.5 years at Avanade, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge.

Languages: C#
Technologies: WPF, WCF, ASP.NET

Adam Krasny

Software engineer
Web developer
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