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Some of my development environment configurations and recommended productivity tools.

  • Iosevka - By far my favorite font. Narrow to maximize screen real estate and still easy to read with optional ligatures.
  • Gruvbox - Pleasing color scheme with just enough contrast and color variation. Implementations available for a wide variety of applications. My favorite is specifically the dark hard variant.
  • WebStorm - All of JetBrain's offerings are amazing. I've cycled through a lot of different editors and IDEs (Visual Studio, Vim, Emacs, Atom, VSCode) and I find nothing beats JetBrains when it comes to developer experience. Paired with IdeaVim it allows for unmatched productivity.
  • .ideavimrc - My custom configuration for IdeaVim. Enables all of the emulated plugins (surround, multiple cursors, easymotion are the most important) and some niceties such as using clipboard as default register, global replace by default, showing relative line numbers in the gutter, and preserving current mode when performing IDE refactoring.
  • PowerToys (Windows) - Several utilities for Windows including window management (FancyZones) and an app launcher (PowerToys Run).
  • Alfred (OSX) - Launcher to find apps, files, bookmarks, do quick math, search the web, and more.
  • Dash (OSX) or Zeal (Windows) - Offline documentation available at the press of a button.

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